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Welcome to the M Communications exclusive membership program  PR-U –  a combination of a University offering continuous education about public relations and valuable information on how you can promote yourself or your business … all on your own. Most business owners do not realize they are in fact “newsworthy” and most cannot spend thousands of dollars for a publicist when they are starting out. PR-U changes all that by giving business owners the tools they need to successfully promote their business – no matter what field they are in. Yes, if you are an author, business owner or entrepreneur … this means YOU!

The monthly membership program includes a monthly call with public relations experts discussing various PR topics and the call is recorded, so if you are not able to attend via phone, you can log in and listen at a later date. Members will also have privileged access to our video and document library at any time. Last, PR-U offers a private message board for members to post questions, share successes and network within the PR-U community.

Through your PR-U membership, you will learn everything from the basics (how to get started, who to contact, how to get media contacts) to higher level national campaigns. PR-U members will also receive special offers including media lists, press release writing help, and much more. Take advantage of our introductory membership offer of only $.99 to try! and learn how to grow your business through media exposure. Sign up today to learn the priceless secrets of PR straight from industry experts!

Only $.99

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